Creating a simple static site in Python (using skua).

Skua is a static site generator I have written which is easily customisable and quick to set up.

Published at: 2019-10-05T09:34:45+01:00

Skua is a small static site generator which I've written (in Python), designed for ease of use and simplicity. To get started you should install skua onto your machine using pip. Make sure to install the beta version of skua 0.3.0 as that it the version used in this tutorial.

You should create an app in a new folder with the following structure:

app/ src/ # all your content should be put in here # this file contains the build script for your website requirements.txt # in this

The src folder contains all the content that you want to build/render/whatever it is before you deploy it to a server. The file is just a Python script in which Skua is imported and used.

We will place all the rendered content in a folder called 'build' which will be a subfolder of the folder 'app'. The build folder will be deployed to the CDN. The blog will be updatable using netlifycms - an open source content management system for static sites which integrates into your Github/Gitlab repository.